SHADOW OF WAR: funny gameplay #28 – Undead Captain Trick

alrighty guys i figured out on how to make an Undead Captain that retains his personality, tribal afliction and is able to LVL,
dunno if this affects to “cheat deah” possibility for him, have to test it out sometime.

Here is how to do it, like i show in the video

You should select the captains you want to turn (6 at the most) and put them as assualt leaders.
Go into an online ranked seige and once you have captured all the points and before you go into the overlords room start smacking the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of the ones you want to turn until they bleed out
They wont betray you while you are doing it because its turned off in online seiges. Once they bleed out ressurect them in the army screen while still in the siege.
Once you have finished off the overlord and go back to your regular world the ones you turned will still be there but with their personality and tribe while still keeping the undead stuff
They wont be able to immediatly level up but using a reasignment order on them will allow that.

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