R.I.P channel Intro

yeah i think it was about time we got new channel intro 😀 enjoy it

so basicly we make gameplay and other types of gaming videos for you guys to watch and enjoy 🙂

as a group we try to make gameplay videos in finnish since my crew is a bit odd and don’t want to speak english for some reason, but i will be adding some subtitles in future videos so that people can understand us as we are from finland.

as myself i like to play crafting, simulations, survival, action, RPG, RTS. At the moment im stuck in KSP building mechs because i just love to make Robots and stuff to pass the time. i will take game requests that you guys would like to see me play eather in English, Finnish or in Finglish xD so enjoy what we have now there should be almost everything for every1 to watch, enjoy them, share them with your friends on facebook or Twitter, or suscribe to see more, leave a likes and comments to share your thoughts and requests.

and of course i will see you guys in the next video

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