KSP Tutorial – Basic Mech walker 2x Rotor Legs

ok so here is a tutorial video of how to make a basic Mech walker with same Leg-Technology that im using, after that im showing you guys a little more complex mech that nearly looks like ED-209 with the basic type of legs but still a little different and also Rotating upper body, always remember that different parts of the body of the mech needs to be added with Sas Torgue wheels to counter their unstability that they will bring 2-4 small wheels usually counters this but they will drain your electricity fast if you don’t have atleast 8 generators in your mech. sorry if my talking is bit off but i think i covered most of nessessary things in this video but ask if you need any advices or more tutorial videos.
i think i will make another tutorial video of 4x rotor legs and 2x rotor manual legs also.

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