KSP – The Fatboy – UEF Experimental Mobile Factory

i got little creative and wanted to build something different than robots this time so here is my The Fatboy – UEF Experimental Mobile Factory. it has 2 Vtol hangars on top that can protect and contain them for sometime, Also Hangar/cargo hold on back that can store tanks, rovers or small mechs in it. also able to refuel them with Kas Pipes. 8 Mole Tracks for steering cos this 1 is so heavy that it will destroy the airfield without indestructive building option “ON” Armed with 4x 50cal machine guns in front, 3x dual 105mm battleship cannons on each corner on top of the Mole Tracks, 4x 20cal automated anti-air turrets and 4x 30cal AA and anti-missile turrets. so its firepower is Devastating to any vehicle or kerbol that happens to come close enough.

tell me what you think about it, leave a comment below, likes, share with your friends or suscribe to see more and help us get more popular : ) thank you guys again, enjoy this beast ^^

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