KSP – Science Walker Program 2 – Kerbanaut Suit MK.1

alright here is my latest Advanced Mech sience mech suits, its basicly a mech version of Kerbal astronaut space suits, it can walk easily, it has arms to crab things, it has jetpack and it also has an soil analyser. Advanced mech but basic usage, its just a bigger mechaniced Kerbal 😀

Leg movement settings are optimal at 5-10-15 for basic mech users and speed levels 20-25-30 are for more advanced mech users if they can control it at that speed. Speed from 3m/s to 12/ms don’t mess with the controls seriously 😀

Mods that i used in this mech are
Infernal Robotics newest version.
Hyper edit thats broken.
Tweakscale-Dev version.

also waiting for mods to get re-adjusted for 1.0

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