KSP – Mechwarrior walker 62 – SharkMega

Powergym wanted me to make new Amphibious mech since my last Aqua mech was Cybran T2-Salem Class Detroyer 6 legged walker, so we “me and Powergym” decided to make Mechanical LandShark, but it actually Turned out to be Land, Sea and Air type mech so if Shark, LandShark and Sharknado had a baby shark it would turn out to be like this one xD and he wanted to name it SharkMega, didn’t like my succestion of CybranaShark xD

Also made its Head resembles HammerSharks Head and in its mouth it has laser Generator, little something i picked up from Austin Powers movie where “Doctor Evil” had sharks armed with laser beams from their mouths to Grill their Meal xD Also 2 Cruise missiles in its back and 2 more in its belly to work as Torpedoes.

Enjoy it as much i had fun making it xDDD

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