KSP – Mechwarrior walker 57 – Geth v1,2,3

yea i think i broke my old speed record with 6 legged walkers 16 m/s with this 2 legged “geth” looking mech its top speeds are 17-20 M/s so its about 72 kilometers per hour, but it suffers Great Heat Problems when in OverDrive Run Mode that i will show you in this video. 3 versions of this mech is shown in this video, one with Shoulder Mounted Bazooka, one with 4x Hidden Vulcans on its arms also little demonstration with weapons and lasty the exploration version with jn,connector ports on its arms, its able to get back up when it falls. These are Sequencer legs that it uses and also tried to compensate stability with arm movement when running, mostly it works and sometimes it fails miserably.

i will keep experimenting more and more until i will get to the point that i can make the best robot/mech/walker ever

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also sugarred this video with Payday soundtracks

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