KSP – Mechwarrior walker 51 – MechanoSaurus-REX

Here is my MechaSaurus-Rex almost looks like its alive when it walks, also little advanced my 4 axel legs that i developed ages ago, had to reverse the 2 rotators beneath the first 2 rotators to make the step more stabile, i think i will test them in some humanoid mecha types too. also read and post ideas to the channels own chat area, or leave comments, share these with your friends on facebook, googleplus or in Twitter.

ps, i have to fully recreate Titanfall ogre since i lost all my saves and videos and other files about 1,5 Terabytes of usefull data and video materials since my damm computer died last week, but now we are fully operational again and i will post new mechs as soon as i complete them. see ya in the next episode my friends

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