KSP – Mechwarrior walker 47- Titanfall Ogre mech part 2 Minigun

so my quest to make the ultimate humanoid Mecha continues, while making this part i experienced alot of annoying crashes and corrupted video materials, luckily i was able to save the part in wich i got sequencer to make the ogre arm itself into 2 handed stance with the minigun, arm operations how to handle it when connected to the other arm, since some people may already now that when 2 seperate robotic pieces are attached via connector ports may cause some serious problems. also you will see a little fire test with the gun and unloading its magazine, parts that i lost from the video was reloading process, gun uneguip part and grenade toss part. i will show them in next video i promise you guys that don’t ya worry, i will also work on making walking better and maeby even running and other stances for better firing positions, also i think i may be able to make this mech rise back to its feets when it falls down. we shall see 😀 Enjoy it ;D

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