KSP – Mechwarrior walker 42 – Metal Gear Rex update 3

alrighty i got the Sequencer to work and learned how to use it so i can start making more advanced legs that actually look like they belong to the vehicle than my normal Rotator legs that i used in the past but still they also give some learning options for you guys, but now back to business, Metal Gear Rex Update 3 = complete overhaul of my older model, way smaller and lighter, also added TMD Missile Module on the back that carries 8 Hellfire Missiles, Chaingun replaces the old huge and ugly laser system that the older model had, Howitzer still works as railgun, cockpit opens nicely, Radome is always a nice Decoration, weights about 10 tons, legs are made from 1 rotator, 1 extendor and 1 60 angle both sides hinge. Infernal Sequencer works nicely thanks to the recommendation of ZodiusInfuser. Enjoy this Beast

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