KSP – Mechwarrior walker 32 – Metal Gear RAXA

Alrighty here is my Third Metal Gear unit its the Raxa Metal Gear/Lunar lander hybrid 4 legged Super Heavy Vtol Battle Tank, armed with 2 chainguns in front just as in the game and in its wings it has 8 Hydra Missile Launchers in both sides, but only unusual thing about this mech is that its 2 Staged, first Stage is Mobility and Flight Mode since the whole thing weight about 84,4 Tons it needs to have its wings supported by Infernal Stucture supports that can be decoupled to activate Stage 2 that is Weapon Mode when you can turn its wings Frontal and open Missile bay covers and let it unsleash firestorm upon other mechs that happens to be in front of it. after stage 2 is activated i don’t recommend trying to fly it anymore, other wise it works just fine and looks awesome, enjoy it ^^

Walking speed 25 since it weights so much that legs need to move faster to gain momentum.
i don’t recommend changing other speeds from 1 to anyother. and use debug monitors unbreakable joints cos it will break it self under its own weight otherwise.

here is the list of mods and links to them that i used in this fella: and all its other parts too from here

and ofcourse i will post this on curse as soon as possible

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