KSP – Mechwarrior walker 26 – MechWarrior Thor (Summoner)

alrighty then here is the Mechwarrior Thor/Summoner that Ryan Scott Requested me to do, im kinda suprised how close i got to making the model close enough of the original thor but this will do just fine.

Its armed with 2 vulcans on its right arm and 1 howitzer cannon on its left arm and ofcourse the missile platform on its left shoulder.
Walking works fine with speed tuned to 15 so you guys know to use that if you download this craft for testing. arms work fine just don’t put them too far behind or forward or its weight will go unbalanced and move funny when walking or it may even fall, just so you know i warned ya 😀

here is the list of mods and links to them that i used in this fella: and all its other parts too from here

and ofcourse i will post this on Curse as soon as possible

also i sugared this video with Mechwarrior Thor’s own theme music, enjoy it, like it, share it and help me by suscribing to my channel and recommending some Mechs for me to build that you guys want to see, i will see you guys again soon with my next video

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