KSP – Mechwarrior walker 25 – Heavy Panzer Mech

Here is my first 6 legged Panzer Mech, big brother version of my light panzer mech, it has a working rotational turret (with pilot seat) armed with 2 chainguns and a 105mm howitzer cannon, also its heavily armored so it will take about 2-3 shots with 105mm howitzer cannon to break even one of its legs, it can walk downhill and uphill with ease so it will come handy when kerbal multiplayer arrives and it will go to full scale war for my oppinion 😀 better to be prepared 😀 il give ya steel and also in MP il give ya chaos with these baddies ;D

here is the list of mods and links to them that i used in this fella: and all its other parts too from here

and ofcourse i will post this on Curse as soon as possible

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