KSP – Mech Program Season 2 – Universal Colossus

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as you all know i have done this fellow couple of times but never with improvements suchs as this one has in its modeling and walking mechanism, so Behold the AEON ILLUMINATE’s Experimental Assault Bot “Universal Colossus” “SC2” next generation from Calactic colossus “SC1” only thing that still sucks that there is noway to replicate its Gravity Cannons so Missile Launchers acting as imaginationary “plasma Cannons” will do. stil waiting for the unity 5 update so i can finally make bigger mechs fight each other without enormous lagfests.

ps. powergym succested me to inform every1 that people who want to make Fanart of my mechs are welcome to do so by emailing them to me “” he already made 2 awesome artistic drawings of Sharkmega and one other mech i made but can’t remember wich it was xD

also if any1 knows how to modify weapons to shoot lasers or modify that US-airborne laser to shoot BIGGER laser i would love to know how since that laser is kinda only one i can find and its kinda pitifully small beam….

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