KSP – Mech Program Season 2 – Star Wars AT-AT MKII (2016)

well atleast its way better than my last AT-AT Model year ago

this time those legs contains the terrain U/D raiser for those uphill downhill travels like powergym asked but this beast weights too much for those feet parts, so the feet parts do slide a little under the weight. Leg Mechanism is perfect for “Assault Manouver and Pincir manouver” but the normal speed where at-at moves 1 leg at the time haven’t yet figured it out so im not uploading this into curse just yet but still wanted to show you the results of your waiting : ) and i also added 16gigas more RAM for my PC so i can make little bigger mechs now without the game crashing and i need to ubgrade my windows from 7 to 10 to get 24gigas of ram to be available for use, should ease my work a little

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