KSP – Mech Program Season 2 – LDEM 2

LDEM 2 is 4 Legged version of my own design like its 2 legged siblin LDEM 1. LDEM 2 can reach top running speed of 21m/s but will lose stability control real quickly so mechjeb assist and player manual control required to hold it together and notice that this time Powergym added one twist to that Mountain Chalenge 😉 “no godmode” LDEM still ends in a failure but actually reach the mountain in wanted time limit but too high slopes was too much for it, shame 😀 also Rescued BOB on the way from LDEM 1

not top of the mountain but halfway up the mountain is still Procress in my book next LDEM will do it i know it 😉 hopefully :,D

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