KSP – Mech Program Season 2 – Kerbanaut suit-X1

well i promised some1 that i’l make new kerbanaut suit so its about time i finished it, so introducing Suit-X1 with Advanced Leg and Arm systems. Legs contain new system that allows stationary Turning “needs more calibrating” but it works only with grabling hooks.

i remaded my Arm system totally to resemble my leg system and installed Extendrons in shoulders to give a little Forklift Ability for the arms that is needed for climbing,

since its a kerbanaut suit, suit-X1’s jetpack is not powerfull enough for flying “in planet Kerbol” but gives ability to make short jumps, and is nessessary for climping since X1 tends to push himself further away from the wall with every touch, so those jump packs gives a little assist in countering that.

Also arms contain Winches for Rappeling 😀

This Kerbanaut suit will be made in Different loadouts and Variations, you guys can succest them if youd like, “War/Science/Exploration”

example 2 or 4 legged, left cannon arm or machine gun arm, jump boosters or a Fulton Device ;D use imagination on the loadout requests 😀

also i will upload this one into curse later today since i think this one is worthy and easy for every to handle ^^

Curse Download Link for the mech

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