KSP – Mech Program Season 2 – Droideka Mark II

little something i cooked up from Chalenging Kyle Dixon to make a better Droideka or AT-TE than me so i ubgraded my design into MARK II with my own little custom tweaks. Rolling top Speed 30m/s and walking speed just over 1m/s since those droidekas aren’t fast when they are walking, also armed with 4x Gunpod 20m Vulcans. Better Deployment system than its older version i made “sequencer is my friend” thanks Zodius ;D also mechjeb will not work on this one only manual steering. also this is done with broken mods since 1.0.5 update so tweakscale was not an option this time.

Let’s see if Kyle Dixon can make a better one 😉 il be waiting

work time on this mech was 2-3 hours “Tests” and recording included

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