Kerbal Space program – Mech Walker season 4 – Geth Prime MK-I

so i finally decided to ubgrade my most perfect design the Geth into Geth prime as its armor and model is improved, this first video will demonstrate its walking and running abilities with Mechjeb and Manual Piloting.

Mechjeb is more unstabile but will get up to 18m/s run speed
Manual Piloting is way more stabile but will only get to 15m/s Run speed.

next stage is to think some kind of armaments for it and some emotes and jump ability, maeby faster walking 25-25 decree and cruise speed 30-30 decree, overdrive is always 40-40decree with 1000 speed and acceleration so its unstabile and will break the mech without god mode on, sometimes it breaks even with godmode on x,D

soundtrack is Payday 2 Official Soundtrack – #42 Gun Metal Grey 2015

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